"Fly with the eagles and hoot with the owls."

The most iconic symbol of our bar is the Aviator helmet. They adorn our merchandise, our wall decorations and, of course, line the top of our saloon bar. We have been blessed to have been gifted dozens of these helmets by former aviators who wanted to leave their mark on a bar that means the world to them.

Because of this history, we are excited to announce a long-term project dedicated to telling the stories behind each of the helmets that live with us. We believe the life that each has lived deserves to be showcased. They are an exceptional and unique part of our bars history. 

We will be compiling the living histories of our Aviator helmets. We encourage anyone who has donated a helmet to get in touch so we can further explore the stories these helmets carry. You can remain anonymous or have your name put up in lights. However you want your story told, we are open to telling it.

We're looking forward to seeing you all again soon!